Heritage Sites, Galleries, Cathedral's or Museums is a place, regardless of its exact name, where the public is invited to view, study or handle artefacts. These might include art, coins, decorative arts, photographs, curios, antiques, statues or similar items.

Hestorical sites and museums have a duty to protect the collection from theift.

Theift of artefacts from heritage premises, museums and galleries is serious problem.

One estimate of the cost of plundered works of art in the UK alone suggests that pictures and sculpture worth more than 100 million are stolen each year.

At the same time, the increasing value of tourism and the leisure industry has placed considerable burdens on those responsible for managing heritage premises. In particular, problems are posed by allowing the public access to locations where the building and the contents are of considerable financial as well as heritage value.

Heritage Security Systems from S A Secure Limited are a cost effective way to improve and increase security with cost effectiveness.

Using the latest technology we can provide wire free radio system which can accept upto 6400 sensors with the ability to control any room, as well as us use of our EAS systems for door perimeter security where alarms will be raised by items being moved in close proximety to the doors.

Our systems are used in many types of organisations including;

Edinburgh Tatoo

Staircase House